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OCCULT: Persons, places, things, ideas & theories that are Secret by Design, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena. 2. Beyond the realm of human comprehension; inscrutable; metaphysical. 3. Available only to the initiate; secret. 4. Hidden from view; concealed. 5. Forbidden by convention.


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A Gnostic Book of Hours brings together psychological insight and ancient tradition to aid us in our quest for a post-tribal, liberating spirituality.

June Singer
From the editor: As global communication becomes easier and our world subsequently seems to get smaller, we seek common ground on which to stand with each other. We lament that life is moving too quickly and want to hold on to something that endures. In this book, June Singer is a modern scribe of ancient wisdom, helping us discover that common ground and eternal anchor within each of us-the divine spark that the early Gnostics taught is within every being. "Gnosis does not negate conventional wisdom," writes Singer, "Rather, it holds up to it a reflective glass that reveals the side that was hidden before. Thus, gnosis enables us to shift our perspective at will, allowing us to understand that an individual life is brief; we fall like leaves from a tree, but the tree endures, and the forest even longer. This is part of a natural process. Time and eternity exist side by side; without one, the other would be meaningless." Singer aligns her deep insights into selections of Gnostic writings from the Nag Hammadi Library with the different times of day and days of the week. She reveals for us the macrocosm of human experience in the microcosm of the passing hours and days. Reverent introspection in the moment yields recognition of the sacredness and eternity of who we are and what our lives mean.

June Singer, Ph.D., is a Jungian analyst and the author of several books including Boundaries of the Soul, and Blake, Jung, and the Collective Unconscious.

Pages: 164
Special Interest: Gnosis, Cosmology, Religion, Occult, Magick, Study & Application, Ancient Christianity and Practical Contemporary Application, Ritual, Gift.

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